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By Brandon Flack June 23, 2019 0 comments



Been wondering how you can reduce the amount of body fat you’re carrying so you can reveal all that hard work you’ve been putting into the gym? Well, you’re in luck. I’ll be covering the top nutrition and exercise tips you need to know to burn fat effectively.


Ready? Let’s begin.



If you've ever tried to lose weight or attempted a body recomposition ('recomp’) before, you’ll know that the biggest challenge is not working out. Instead, it’s finding a nutrition plan that works.


We are faced with hundreds of new diet crazes every day. Keto, Paleo, Atkins, DASH – which of these diets genuinely work in helping you lose body fats while maintaining muscle mass?

I’ll let you in on a secret: you don’t have to adhere to a single type of diet to get your desired results.


In fact, all you need to do is follow the 3 nutrition tips below:


Calculate your calories

 Many of us are aware that our foods contain 'calories,' but most of us have very little understanding of what the word actually means.


Indeed: what are calories?


Well, basically, the calorie can be thought of as energy. Your body uses the calories you eat to make energy molecules that drive numerous essential bodily functions. This is why you’d end up dead if you don’t consume calories.


You lose weight (and ultimately, fat) if you eat fewer calories than your body needs. If you eat too many, you end up gaining weight and becoming fat.


But how would you know how much you need to eat to burn fat?


Just calculate your 'maintenance calories' – the number of calories you need to eat daily to maintain your weight. Many online calculators will help you derive your maintenance calories.


If you want to burn fat and lose weight, cut 200 to 300 calories from your maintenance calories. This provides you with the calorie-deficit needed to stimulate weight-loss.


Eat a protein-rich diet

Now that you know how many calories you need in a day, you can further optimize your diet for fat loss. There’s a reason why bodybuilders are so crazy about their protein.


When it comes to fat-loss, diets rich in protein have been shown to be superior over low-carb diets when calories are equated.


But if calories are the same, why would the results differ? Well, it's likely because protein requires more energy to be digested. You're essentially burning more calories when you eat protein, in comparison to other macronutrients like carbohydrates or fats.


If you want to stimulate fat loss with as little muscle mass loss as possible, try to hit 1.2 to 2.0 grams of protein per day.


To better illustrate this:


If you weigh 60 kg, you need to consume 120 grams of protein every day (assuming that you're going for 2g/kg of body weight). Not sure what 120 grams of protein look like? Well, it's what you'd get from two big slices of chicken breasts (roughly).


Track your food

 Have you ever felt that it seemed impossible to burn fat and lose weight even though you were in a calorie deficit?


Okay: listen to me. If you’re not losing weight, you’re not in a calorie deficit. You’re probably eating way more than you estimate yourself to be. The truth is that many of us underestimate the number of calories we eat in a day.


The handful of nuts you grab on the way to the kitchen counts. The extra spoonful of peanut butter you spread on your bread counts. And - unfortunately, so does that chunk of butter you mix into your morning omelet.


Stay on top of your daily calorie-count by tracking every single food you put inside your mouth! You might be surprised at the number at the end of the day. I’ve warned you!


Physical Activity

Now that we've got the painful part out of the way, let's cover the easy part. If you're an active person who enjoys working out, incorporating the following shouldn't be an issue for you!


High-intensity interval training (HIIT)


HIIT is a form of interval training that alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods until you’re too exhausted to continue.


It’s one of the most efficient fat-burning workouts you can add into your routine.


There are many ways to carry this out:


  • Circuit training
  • Sprint sessions
  • Spin classes
  • And many more (just Google!)


Resistance based training

Regular weight-lifting can help you increase the amount of lean body mass (muscles) you have. In turn, your resting metabolic rate is raised. And you know what means: you're actually burning more calories (and fat)!


Steady state cardio

I know: steady state cardio isn’t the most exciting type of workout around. Don’t dismiss it though! Steady-state cardio can help boost your gym recovery rates by increasing blood flow to damaged muscle tissues.


This can help you get to the gym more often and allow you to actually enjoy your workouts instead of screaming in pain through every repetition. After all, fat loss is a marathon, not a sprint. You want to be in this for the long haul.


Now that you know how to burn fat effectively, what are you waiting for? Time to apply them so you can finally reveal the abs you've been building - 3 Must do exercises for Rock Hard Abs.


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